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[160] 7 powerful habits for teachers to only work contract hours and get it done during the school day

December 6, 2021

OK so this is the teacher dream, right? Doing what the rest of the world *thinks* teachers do - working contract hours?! It’s almost laughable as any teacher knows that is virtually impossible if you want to do a decent job… Well, believe it or not, there are habits you can adopt that will actually help you get closer to this goal of leaving teaching at school. I recorded some “podblog” episodes where I recorded my efforts to try different strategies to try and get as much work done during the school day so that I could actually adopt some self-care and have a life when I got home. After much trial and error, in this episode I share some of the best habits I adopted that helped me get that bit closer to working contract hours as a teacher!


Resources mentioned in this episode:
💻 Free tiny task teacher checklist: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/p3a3c0

Podcast episodes mentioned in this episode:
1. Reduce teacher overload and get it all done: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com/podcast/reduce-overload-and-get-it-all-done-ep142
2. How to stop thinking about school when you're not at school: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com/podcast/how-to-s140
3. How to deal with an overflowing teacher workload: https://www.teachersresourceforce.com/podcast/125 

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